Where do the pictures on your web site come from?

The pictures you can see on gourdi.net all have been generated by a computer program I created.

More precisely, my work is part of what is known as algorithmic art, which, as the same suggests, consists in designing computer algorithms that create aesthetically pleasing images.

My work more specifically focuses on what could be called creative randomness. Indeed, all the algorithms I have designed require no human input at all. I just push a button and let the machine do the job. This has 2 consequences: I don't know by advance how an image will look like, and 2 images created by my program will never be the same.

I am a programmer, can you tell me more?

Yep. The program is written in C++. Using only the standard library. And yes: it required a lot of time and work to achieve what you see on gourdi.net.

Is this possible to get some of your pictures in high definition?

Yes it is. Feel free to contact me to do so. If you want to check the quality of high definition pictures, you can download one here and another one here.